Bluehost Hosting Plans Complete Review – Standard, Enhanced & Premium Plans

Bluehost Milesweb is one of the best Bluehost hosting plans in India. This company provides India’s best hosting plan to the user.
Many people like to buy Bluehost hosting. This company fully supports the users. If you do not know what is Bluehost hosting and what are its hosting plans. So today we will share complete information about it with you. You stay on this post.

What is Bluehost hosting?
Bluehost is India’s largest hosting provider company that provides full facility of hosting services.
Bluehost Hosting is one of the top hosting companies in India. It includes a website with a lot of detailed information.
Bluehost offers a very good wide range of hosting. This company provides us with many types of hosting plans.
Bluehost Hosting provides India’s cheapest hosting plan.

If a person creates a new website, then the best hosting company for him is Bluehost.
This hosting provider also gives many facilities and 24×7 support. Bluehost web hosting company is one of the only well-known companies in India.

History of Bluehost Hosting – History of Bluehost Hosting?

Bluehost Web is a popular web hosting company in India. Bluehost Company was established in 2012 by Deepak Kori, Chetan Mhale, and Chinmoy Dingor with a simple objective.

Bluehost is a 100% independent and relatively new wave hosting company from India. We work to provide quality service 24 hours a day at affordable prices and prices.

Bluehost Hosting Company has gotten a good start and has become one of the fastest-growing companies in the industry.
In addition to many types of hosting services, this company provides domain registration, website security, SSL (Secore Socikt Layer), certification, and other necessary materials like email.
So far more than 30 thousand people are connected on this.

Bluehost Hosting Plans Complete Review  – Standard, Enhanced & Premium Plans

Bluehost Hosting Services –

  1. Bluehost is a large hosting provider company that offers a complete process of hosting services to us.
  2. This company uses location servers in data centers in countries like the USA, Romania, the UK, and India.
  3. Bluehost Hosting provides a full range of high-quality hosting plans to the user with a 99.95% guarantee and 1 monthly money-back guarantee.
  4. This company also provides plans for windows and Linux.
  5. Bluehost Hosting offers four good and cheap LAMP Shared Hosting in the price range of Rs 1100 to 2200.
  6. Also it supports daily free backup and 24/7.
  7. SSD also provides storage, unlimited database, bandwidth, an email account, and three business-oriented LAMP.
  8. All this content comes with a website builder and a personal free SSL certificate.
  9. This company provides Cpanel hosting package with three different bandwidths and SSD storage.
  10. Simple single-click application installation is done using Cpanel in these hosting.

Features of Bluehost Hosting –

  1. Windows 2008/2012 is used with the Plesk control panel in the window hosting plans of Bluehost hosting.
  2. Bluehost hosting supports Ajax, PHP, ASP.Net, and Perl along with MySQL and Ms. SQL database.
  3. Bluehost Hosting offers very cheap and decent VPS Hosting.
  4. In Bluehost hosting, dedicated servers and a high-speed redundant network are connected.
  5. All of Bluehost Hosting’s data center features come equipped with a multi-tier redundant power system and HVC equipment and 24/7 security.
  6. This company is 100% available except for power supply and HVAC emergency maintenance.
    Bluehost Vs Godaddy –
    Due to the popularity of WordPress, it is preferred by many web hosting vendors to provide managed and specialist WordPress hosting.
    All the technical aspects in WordPress hosting are handled by the host which ensures their speed, ensuring uptime, security, and daily backup.
    Bluehost Hosting:
    Shared Web Hosting Plans –
    Price: INR 199/Month
    Storage: 50GB SSD Disk Space
    Bandwidth: Unlimited Band Width
    No.of Domain: 1
    No.of Email: 10website: No.of. 15 Parked Domain25 Sub Domain
Bluehost Hosting Plans Complete Review  – Standard, Enhanced & Premium Plans

VPS Hosting Plans –
Storage: 60 GB SSD in RAID
Bandwidth: 2 TB
No.of Domain: No.Info. 1
RAM :4GB2 IP AddressCore: 2
Dedicated Hosting –
SSD Storage: 1TB
Bandwidth: 10TB
RAM: 16 GB
IP AddressCores: 8
No.of. Domain: 124/7/365 support
99.95% Uptime Guarantee
WordPress optimized
Website Builder
1-Click Installer
Webmail Access
DNS Management
File Manager
Multiple PHP Versions
PHP Configuration
Remote MySQL
PHP My Admin
Cache Manager
Unlimited Parked Domains
Curl and Curl SSL
Hotlink Protection
Lite speed
Unlimited Sub Domains
Unlimited FTP Account
Account Isolation

GoDaddy Hosting:
Price: INR 295/month (33% savings)
Storage: 100 GB SSD Disk Space
Bandwidth: Unlimited Band Width
No.of Domain: 1
No.of Email:
VPS Hosting Plans –
Price: INR 295/month (42% savings)
Storage: 20 GB SSD in RAID
No.of Domain:No.Info.
Dedicated Server Plans –Price: INR 7399/month (23% Save)
Type of Processor: Intel Xeon-D (with no. of Cores)
RAM: 32 GB (DDR4)24/7 security, SSL security
24/7 technical support
99.9% uptime guarantee
money back guaranteed
unlimited traffic
wordpress integration
bluehost Domain:
.com – 819.00/yr
.in – 699.00/yr
.org – 999.00/yr
.net – 949.00/yr
.co – 1949.00/yr
.online – 2499.00/yr

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