How to Remove Pimples, whiteheads, acne, pop-outs?

In today’s time, many boys and girls are very worried about one thing and that is the pimples and acne on the face. Stains and spots do not look good on anyone’s face and a beautiful face also looks ugly due to this.

Generally, most pimples are more common in teenage and puberty. If once Pimples and Acne start coming on someone’s face, then it seems quite difficult to remove them. Today’s phase is a time to prove ourselves better than others. Everyone wants to create their own identity.

But when there are pimples on the face of any person, it reduces his Confidence very low. Glad starts coming into his mind for himself. That person starts cutting to meet people.

How to Remove Pimples and Acne
Remove Pimples and Acne Remove Pimples and Acne Remove Pimples and AcneOur external appearance is very important to us. When we meet any person, he first sees our external nature. When he sees stains on his face, then that person gets a bad impression.

Which is not good for our personality at all. Many times, due to Daag – Dhabbo, our Career, Personal Life, Relationship also has a bad effect. If you are also troubled by stains or nail pimples, then this article can help you a lot in getting rid of them. By adopting the tips mentioned in this article, you can easily eliminate the pimples from your face.

Easy ways to remove pimples at home

My experience with acne – I still remember when I passed my 12th class. Then after that, he started going to college. In those days of college, Pimples and dark spots started appearing on my face.

When I was in School Life. Then my face would sometimes get a pimple, but he would heal in two-three days and the face would be clean.

But it took me more than 8 months to get rid of the pimples that came to my face during college time. A pimple first came in my face and then on seeing another, this number was constantly increasing daily. Whatever pimples get old will turn into pimples on the face. Which looked like a black spot on my face. In the first four months, I thought that my age is now moving towards puberty. Maybe that’s why this pimple is coming out as it happens with many boys and girls at this age. But when I used to see my friends who were my age. He did not have this problem at all. Then I understood that this is not happening due to the age factor but for some other reason.

In those days, I had also stopped seeing my face in the mirror because the whole face was full of pimples. I read the remedies in many books to overcome them, but they did not work. I used to ask older boys about it. They just say that all this happens due to age.

For the first 6 months, I did not get pimples on my face, but then I adopted some new ways to remove these pimples which I am sharing with you in this article. These tips will benefit you.

Why there are pimples on the face?

  • Hormonal disturbances or harmony in hormones.
  • Do not clean your skin.
  • Upset stomach or not clearing the stomach.
  • Use of cream oil or lubricant on the face.
  • Too much oily skin on the face.
  • Failure of routine
  • Having a bad habit of eating and drinking.
  • Eating an excessive amount of fatty food.
  • Abscesses on the face of many people are also hereditary problems.
  • Staying more in front of the sun’s rays.

*******What not to do to avoid pimples********
*. Do not put dirty hands on the face (Do Not Touch Face With Dirty Hands):

The biggest reason for pimples to be on our face is to put dirty hands on the face again and again. There are bacteria and bacteria in the hands, so never touch your skin with your hands during the day. Whenever you want to touch your face, wash them first.

  • Less use of things made from milk:

If you have to get rid of your pimples, then you have to avoid milk and milk products because it increases the chances of increasing Acne. Even if you use dairy products, do so in small quantities.

  • Reduce to sunny and polluted places (If the sun and less polluted places):

Due to excess sunlight, the rays of the sun make the condition of our face worse. Ultraviolet rays of the sun are not good for our skin and our face.

By going to more polluted places you have to face dust and soil which are not right for your skin cells.

  • Avoid eating fatty food:

By eating fatty food, it makes our whole body fat. It also has an effect on our face which hinders Acne And pimples in our face. Stay away from your face and wait for you better.

  • Do not apply cream or cosmetics on the face (Stay away from chemicals product):

Nowadays, in the desire of looking beautiful, people use a lot of cream and powder sold in the markets. It hurts your face instead of improving it. Even if you use Cosmetic, do it in small amounts.

You must remember that natural beauty is the best. Your one true smile makes your face beautiful more than your fake makeup. Therefore, keep distance from these Chemicals Products.

Some important things to get rid of pimples (Tips For Preventing Pimple Break Outs)

Drink plenty of water: Our body also needs water in the same way our body needs food. Water keeps our body and skin healthy. To maintain the right amount of water in the body, instead of drinking more water at once, drink some water every hour.

Clean your face daily:- To keep your face away from pimples, clean your face thoroughly every day. When you wash your face properly, it protects your face from pimples. So wash your face.

Clean your stomach:- People who have constipation problems are at the highest risk of getting pimples. When Toxin (excreta) does not come out of our body, it comes out like pimples on our skin. Therefore clean your stomach thoroughly.

When your stool continues to come out of the body, then it will keep you away even from pimples.

Keep washing your face with water:- These are the best tips that I would like to give you, it helped me a lot in reducing Acne and pimples. Whenever you see water, wash your face.

If you do any work, then wash your face with clean water. You must wash your face with water even before sleeping at night. This will be very beneficial for you.

Make your routine correct:- The correctness of the routine is directly related to our health. If our Daily Routine is correct, then our Helth will also be correct. Make a definite time for you to get up and sleep and follow it daily.

Often, not having the right daily routine is a great reason to grow pimples. This problem also happened to me, due to which my pimples were increasing. When I did this right, Acne started decreasing.

Avoid alcohol and tobacco:- You must know that alcohol and tobacco are very harmful to our health. These things are also not right for our faces.

On reaching puberty, many boys started seeing cigarettes and tobacco in others. As a result, there are pimples on his face. You should avoid these things.

Must wash your face when you come from outside:- Whenever you have to go outside your house for some work, after that when you come home, then you must wash your face. Outside pollution causes dust and dust on your face. Which hurts our face. Be sure to take care of this from the beginning.

Home remedies to remove black spots of the face

Home Remedy for Pimples (Homemade Tips): Here are some home remedies to remove pimples and by trying them, you will get rid of boils and pimples, and stains.

Use mint to:

You can use mint to remove stains and spots from your face. Mint contains a lot of menthols which reduces the irritation in your pimples. You apply the mint juice to your pimples and after some time wash it with water.

Use fenugreek:

Fenugreek helps in keeping our face clean. It helps a lot to remove stains. You can make a paste by boiling fenugreek leaves or fenugreek seeds.

You can use it where your Pimple has come out. Put this paste on your face for 15 minutes and then wash it with water.

Cucumber is useful (Use To Cucumber):

All of us eat cucumber. But this cucumber also keeps our skin healthy. The use of cucumber in the face enhances our face and makes our skin glow. Use cucumber paste in your pimples and see the benefits.

Use of Aloe Vera:

You must have heard the name of Aloe Vera. Aloe vera is a very effective medicine. If you have to get rid of acne quickly, then start using aloe vera very quickly.

Aloe Vera is very beneficial for our face due to which it is very famous. By applying its juice to nail pimples, nail acne is cured very quickly. You can also use aloe vera to keep your face beautiful.

Apply lemon juice on the face:

I got the most relief from nail acne from lemon juice. Lemon is easily available in the market at a low price. It makes our skin very beautiful. Cut the lemon and apply its juice to your stains or pimples.

This will prevent your black spots from coming.
Which will bring a natural glow to your face and remove pimples. Apply lemon juice and wash the face after 30 minutes with clean water.

Make honey face pack and remove pimples (Make Honey face pack):

When it comes to the face, the name of honey comes on the tongue automatically. Honey has a very quick effect in removing our pimples.

We should use honey at bedtime and get up in the morning and then clean our mouths. The daily use of honey by you reduces your stains.

Apply face pack made of minced:

While eating oatmeal is better for our health, it also gives us physical strength. You should use oatmeal to remove your pimples.

You mix honey with Daliya and then mix both of them well. Then apply this paste to your nails and after 20 minutes wash it with water.

Use Stain potato for stain spots:

I came to know about raw potatoes from a friend of mine. He told me that his brother also used potatoes on his pimples.

Due to this his spots and spots were cured. We get potatoes at home. Potato peels are the best part to remove pimples.

You put them on your pimples. Apart from this, you can grind potatoes and make a paste and use it. Daily use of potatoes will give you a lot of benefits.

Apart from this, you can use tea tree oil to remove stains, and eating soda i.e. baking soda also helps in removing pimples and pimples.

Friends! In this article, I shared my experience with nail pimples with me because I too was troubled for a long time by pimples and stains.

But I kept trying continuously to remove stains and tried all the remedies and tips mentioned above. Whose good fruit I got and I got rid of the stains forever.

Now you too should get a little serious to remove your Pimple and Acne and think seriously to remove them.

To remove your pimples, you should include all the tips and remedies mentioned above in your daily routine.

When you adopt these remedies, keep your patience because Ayurvedic methods gradually make their impact. If you keep doing this continuously, then you too will get rid of stains and your face will start to improve.

All The Best!

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