What is Bitcoin | How does Bitcoin work?

Friends Bitcoin is a Digital Cryptocurrency Bitcoin is the world’s first digital cryptocurrency

Bitcoin is a virtual currency that we cannot see, it is stored only in the digital wallet, we cannot touch the bitcoin, only we can see it, if we buy any goods, then we can give it as payment.

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The way we have to keep money, is we go to the bank and give money to someone with the help of Phone Pay or Google Pay but bitcoin does not work like this.

You have to buy bitcoin from somewhere and keep it in a digital wallet, if you buy anything, you can pay it through bitcoin.

In today’s time, many companies provide you with a Digital Wallet such as Coinswitch Kuber, and WazirX, this type of company helps you to open a digital wallet, and from here you can buy and sell bitcoin.

In today’s time, many people are doing their business by buying bitcoin at low prices and selling it at high copper prices.

Friends, bitcoin is so popular because when you buy any item and pay it in bitcoin, then you do not have to pay any charge separately, such as transaction charge, or GST charge, you do not have to pay any such charge. and it’s also very easy

But when you shop with a credit card or debit card, then there is a lot of trouble for you as you can shop within the limit on the credit card and it also costs money to do the transaction, but nothing like this happens in bitcoin.

When was bitcoin started?

Bitcoin was started on January 3, 2009, and its bitcoin is Satoshi Nakamoto. He started bitcoin in 2008 but when he started bitcoin then its price was very low. At that time the price of one bitcoin was less than ₹ 1 but at present, the price of one bitcoin is around ₹ 55 lakhs.

Currently, bitcoin is very popular and everyone’s popular cryptocurrency is bitcoin, so in the present time everyone wants to buy bitcoin but no one knows what its future is going to be.

How to earn bitcoin for free

If you want to earn bitcoin for free then you can do bitcoin mining if you do bitcoin mining then you will be able to earn bitcoin for free

Apart from this, there is no other way that you can earn bitcoin for free, if we know any way then we will try to tell you if you want to know what is bitcoin mining? So you read this article of ours

How to use bitcoin?

Bitcoin is used to do more transactions because there is no transaction charge in it and it is a very fast transaction and you do not have any problem that your money went into Pending like this

You do not have any such problem with bitcoin and in this, you can transact as much money as you want, there is no kind of limit on it, so people like it more people also use bitcoin for shopping.

future of bitcoin in India

10 crore people of India have invested money in 70 thousand Crore Cryptocurrency but the Government of India has no control over it the government is now going to ban it.

Most 24 years old people in India have invested their money in cryptocurrency but they do not know all that is going to be the future of cryptocurrency in India, these people have invested their money in cryptocurrency without thinking first. It is very important to know about cryptocurrency

India is the one that uses the most cryptocurrency in the whole world. At present, there are more than seven thousand different cryptocurrencies available in the whole world, this is the card’s digital coin, in 2013 there was only one digital cryptocurrency in the whole world name is bitcoin, but seeing this, gradually many digital cryptocurrencies have come in the market.

Bitcoin price history

If we talk about the price history of bitcoin, then it was started in 2009, at that time there was only one cryptocurrency and whose name came bitcoin, when bitcoin was launched, its price was less than ₹ 1 but and people mostly do not use it. used to

That’s why its price was very low, but as time passed, its price gradually increased, its price increased because it was very easy to use Bitcoin, and any person can use it with great ease.

Talking about 2021, now the price of bitcoin is around 37 lakh rupees, and a few days ago its price had gone up so much, then its price was around 61 lakh rupees.

How to buy bitcoin?

If you want to buy bitcoin, then you have to create your account on one of these websites, after that, you will be able to buy bitcoin with the help of this website, you can also buy bitcoin for ₹ 100.

But the website we use is WazirX it is India’s biggest cryptocurrency exchange website and this website is quite simple, you can use it very easily click on the button below to open an account in wazirx

Best Website to Buy and Sell cryptocurrency

  • WazirX Bitcoin Wallet
  • Coinbase Bitcoin Wallet
  • Unocoin Bitcoin Wallet
  • Ledger Nano
  • Guarda Wallet
  • BuyU Coin
  • Zebpay
  • What is Wazirx?

Bitcoin today rate

The price of bitcoin today is 37 lakh ₹ 93 thousand if you are investing your money in bitcoin then you invest at your risk because the price of bitcoin is slowly falling it has declined by 24% in about 1 month Is

Which country’s currency is bitcoin?

The people who created bitcoin were from Japan but bitcoin is not a cryptocurrency of any one country, it can be called the currency of the whole world because any person can buy this cryptocurrency and any person can sell it and any person can do their shopping. Can be used to do or transact


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